the largest real-time inventory data lake for consumer retail

Who We Are?

Datavations delivers an industry-wide view of product inventory and sales by location in real-time for consumer retail. We enable retail participants with tools and workflows to react to market conditions across all channels and supply chains in their market.

Who We Serve


sell-in and sell-through product- and store-level analytics to optimize product, placement, pricing, promotions, and localized demand forecasting


low-stock alerts for the stores in your territory, perfect order fulfillment to every store every time, and win clients with data showing how you outperform the competition


know when and what your local competitors discount, what new products they're launching, when they change assortment, and what stock levels are for all their products at all times

Why Choose Us

The best retail

Most datasets are proxies or incomplete. We deliver the most holistic and granular insights

Real-time Data

Retail moves fast, so your insights should too

Omnichannel Analytics

A single platform for both store and ecommerce inventory insights

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