tailored solutions for all participants in diy retail


Place, price, and develop product based on current market conditions in localized markets with tools on top of real-time inventory data to see:

  • where stock is low
  • how quickly inventory turns
  • what product attributes are most popular
  • when pricing changes and promotions start
  • how your marketing performs compared to competitors
  • where the competition is shipping product


Never let your suppliers’ products go out-of-stock at any location and optimize distribution:

  • low-stock alerts at every store
  • perfect order fulfillment every time
  • lobby retailers for more shelf-space with the data to back it up
  • benchmark performance compared to competitors to win clients


Plan and react based on real-time competitors’ assortment, pricing, promotions, and inventory turn:

  • price change and discounting alerts
  • demand analytics
  • product assortment overlap insights

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