Brands & Retailers

We work directly with brands and retailers to help them understand the real-time dynamics of their markets. Our data directly impacts planning, merchandising and channel strategy so they can be informed of current trends to address them intelligently.

Commercial Real Estate

Our real-time revenue data provides a view of what is happening with your retail tenants right now. We also help our clients understand how their stores stack up against peer performance benchmarks from the national down to the zip code level. Additionally, with these unique insights we enable a smart tenant selection process based on local retail dynamics for each property.

Equity Research

Clients tasked with predicting and trading on public retail and consumer goods stocks benefit from the most accurate and holistic datasets across both brick & mortar and ecommerce revenues, driving their recommendations and decisions to beat the market.

Private Equity

Investors need to understand all commodity volume (ACV) category growth opportunities in critical retailers to properly diligence brands in the market. Our data enables transparent evaluation of the real market opportunity. We also enable owners to intelligently manage their portfolio to understand trends and relative performance amongst their brands and retailers.


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